Awards/ Distinctions:

2022: 1st Jury Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2021: 3rd Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2020: 1st Jury Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2017: Originality Prize Isabella Droz, Artephile, Estavayer-le-Lac
2017: 2nd Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2016: 1st Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2015: 1st Prize, Oil category, Abondance, France
2014 : Gallery Prize, EUROPEAN ARTS ACADEMY, Paris
2013 : " Public Prize for Young Artists ", Autumn Exhibition, COUBRON, France 
2013 : Originality Prize, + 5th Prize, SEPTEMBRE PICTURAL, Estavayer-le-Lac, France
2012 : Prize for Mixed Technique, EUROPEAN ARTS ACADEMY, Paris
2010 : 1st Prize at the ARTS-INTER Show, "Créateurs du Siècle" Dijon
2010 : Gold Medal Diploma, ARTS-INTER Exhibition, "Créateurs du Siècle" Lyon 
2010 : 1st Prize for the Poster, LéZ'Arts sur la Muraille, Saillon, Valais
2009 : Committee Prize at the Salon International de l'ACADEMIE EUROPEENNE des ARTS, Paris
2007 : 1st Prize for the Poster, LéZ'Arts sur la Muraille, Saillon, Valais
2006 : Bronze Jet, Art'Air 2006, Geneva
2006 : 'Theme' Prize, 20th Salon des Arts Plastiques, La Rochelle, France
2005 : Salon Prize, EUROPEAN ARTS ACADEMY, Paris
2005 : Golden Lizard "Prix du Public" LeZ'Arts sur la Muraille, Saillon, Valais
2005 : Silver Medal Diploma nominated Vermeil, ARTS-INTER, Evian-les-Bains
2005 : Silver Medal Diploma, ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTRES, Paris
2004 : "Public Prize" group exhibition: "Le fantastique" Gallery ART et MISS, Paris
2002 : 1st Prize, Grimentz Tourist Office competition, Valais


Prize in literature:

2023 : PARIS: "Ecritoire et Encrier" Prize for "The Spider" poem
2020 : PARIS: "Ecritoire et Encrier" Jury Prize for "L'orgueil" text
2019 : PARIS: Prix du Jury Ecritoire & Encrier for "En apesanteur", short story
2018 : ITALY, Valdobbiadene, Treviso, : Prize "El Sil", AEA, for "Danse ta vie" poem
2018 : PARIS : Ecritoire & Encrier Prize for "Dernier Voyage", short story
2017 : PARIS : Special Mention of the Jury for "Killer", short story
2017 : PARIS : Prize of Paris, Ecritoire & Encrier for "Harmonices Mundi", poem
2017 : ITALY, Valdobbiadene, Treviso, : 1st Prize, AEA, for "Le Pont des Arts" text
2016 : VAUD, Moudon : Distinction for "Le Vieil Anselme" short story
2015 : PARIS: "Ecritoire et Encrier" literary prize for "Le jeu de dés" short story

2014 : VAUD: " Public Prize ", Poetry category, "La Paix Universelle" ARVA, Vevey
2014 : GENEVA: Jury Mention, Poetry category, "Sous le Soleil" Literary Competition, Meyrin, 

2013 : VAUD " Public Prize ", Poetry category, "Qui Suis-Je ? ARVA, Vevey


Interviews and extras (TV-Cinema) :


2022: Tschugger, Directed by David Constantin and Leandro Russo, S2/5 Pentagon
2019 : Schwesterlein Directed by Stéphanie CHUAT and Véronique REYMOND
2018 : Tambour Battant. Directed by François-Christophe MARZAL
2018: Ici le Chemin des Ânes. ECAL. Directed by Lou RAMBERT PREISS
2018: Ephémère, graduation film. Directed by Gabriele NEVES
2018 : The scientific proof of the existence of God. Directed by Fred BAILLIF
2018: Wet Dogs. Directed by Yves MATHEY
2015: Der Fall Barschel. Directed by Kilian RIEDHOF, broadcast in 2015
2014: RTS, programme "Spécimen" Theme: "T'as la motive?" Broadcast 24 September 2014
2010: TSR, TV series, "T'es pas la seule" 1st broadcast 18 February 2011 - TSR
    Directed by Pierre-Antoine HIROZ
2009: TSR, "Scènes de Ménage" programme
    Creation of a chalk drawing on a pavement on the theme: 2012, end of the world?
2002 to 2008: various interviews on the regional channel ICI-TV
2007: Heidi, TV series, TSR Directed by Pierre-Antoine HIROZ and Anne DELUZ
2006: Henri Dunant, du Rouge sur la Croix, directed by Dominique OTHENIN-GIRARD
2006: Le Maître du Zodiaque, TV series Directed by Claude-Michel ROME
1st broadcast: 28 June 2006 on TSR1 1st broadcast in France: 10 July 2006 on TF1
2001: Paul et Virginie, sitcom, TSR1 Directed by Yves MATTHEY